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e are Application Service Providers; distributing Software as a Service. We have a wide range of Masonic collaborative groupware products. Our system empowers Temple Recorders to make faster decisions by bringing timely actionable data to them instantly by automating and synchronizing business processes. Our reporting and analytics platform is built around business intelligence; such as Temple activities, Quarterly Returns, Deputy of the Oasis and Temple Recorder reports using an intuitive dash board, interactive reports, modern data visualization and advanced analytics so users can view data in meaningful ways. Each Desert is hosted on their own private and encrypted domain. There are no long-term commitments, just an affordable $12 per month subscription. Database backups are delivered to each Temple Recorder. Each Desert Recorder receives a backup of the entire Desert.

Reports are customized free of charge for each Desert. Why free? We don't need to nickel and dime you when there are 3 or more Temples with a monthly subscription. Click here for our on-line demo. No registration or email address required.

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Prevent Temple history from being lost to history for just $12 per month. No contract. No startup cost. On your own secure and private domain.

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